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We Know Social. We Have Solutions.

Yak Social specializes in leveraging social media marketing strategies to garner brand awareness, capture more prospects, and bolster an online presence. Since every agent is unique, we offer custom solutions to ensure success. There is no “one-size-fits-all” Social Media strategy for real estate agents. Our model is centered around education and consulting on Social Media strategies and best practices. It’s all about connecting agents' goals with the best available strategies out there!

Reach the right people

Stand out and get noticed

As a Facebook™ Marketing Partner, Yak Social has been chosen to work with Facebook™ on ensuring our campaigns are performing at the highest level. Our relationship with Facebook™ allows us to access new tools and ad products as well as collaborate with their team of experts.


Our goal is to help agents thrive

Here's what we offer

Hire Our Agency

With years of experience managing thousands of accounts for real estate professionals, Yak Social will create a strategy unique to your business and custom to your marketing goals. This is everything done for you!


Our education team will ensure that you understand how to implement best strategies for paid ads and organic content on Social Media. Access courses ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced.  

Agent Development

We’ve set out to create a massive library of tools and resources for agents that help support and enhance their digital marketing strategies. Browse our ever-growing, curated collection of resources, toolkits, templates.

Here's what people are saying

I've been nothing but satisfied with this firm from the start. They're highly responsive, eager to please and provide great results. Far from the many other firms I've enlisted for marketing assistance over the years. Tip of the cap to Tak Social. They're fantastic!

- Justin K

Incredibly helpful and informative. Absolutely worth the investment, and Yak's team made the experience all the better. Thank you!

- Jay K

Yak Social have done an amazing job for me. After posting a grouping of like listings I received offers on both properties in the same week. Always a pleasure talking with him also. Very helpful staff.

- Cathy C.W.

What I love about Seth & is team is that they are very quick to respond - Real Estate is all about urgency and when we have a partner that can react and help promptly it sets us apart from the others! Thanks Yak Social for helping me sell more homes, quicker!

- Trevor F.

We've been around the block

The Yak Social story...

Our story starts with a few people who wanted to change the way Social Media Marketing services are delivered to Real Estate Agents. Old-fashioned good service starts with a strong relationship, and Yak Social exists to create and grow those relationships. In fact, this idea is what gets us out of bed everyday.

Today, Yak Social's team works closely with Real Estate professionals to help optimize their Social Media presence. Real Estate Agents are among the busiest professionals out there, and the goal of Yak Social is to provide turnkey, effective strategies for leveraging Social Media to create real business opportunities.

Whether we're managing your ads, teaching you how to do it, or sharing our suite of agent toolkits, it's all about providing the highest level of service every step of the way. In the ever-changing landscape of social media, the only constant is change. Our job is to stay up to date on the next best thing and industry best practices so we can deliver the most effective solutions possible.

To survive in today's climate, businesses need to reach the right people online. That's where we come in. Whether it's increasing website traffic, collecting leads, more website conversions, or just more exposure; we've got you covered.

We Know Social. We Have Solutions.

Commitment to Service

We are passionately committed to serving our clients in every way we can. This includes, first and foremost, making your goals the top priority. We treat every client like we would want to be treated, with integrity and the utmost professionalism.

Uncompromising Quality

Our commitment to our clients includes delivering the highest quality services using industry best practices and our knack for creativity. Our services come in the form of one of a kind, unique solutions.  We will never take a “cookie cutter” approach.

Ethical Practices

It is a top priority to create and maintain honest, open, and trusting relationships with our clients. We believe that having a sustainable business model is to operate with integrity, discipline, and total transparency in our daily practices.

Change & Adaptability

We understand that in the ever-changing landscape of social media that the only constant is change. Our job is to stay up to date on the next best thing and industry best practices so we can deliver the most effective services possible.