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Cottage Grove Inn

Campaign Objectives

Build website traffic

Increase online bookings

Brand awareness

Their story:

Cottage Grove Inn consists of laid back luxury cottages in the quaint wine country town of Calistoga, California.

Their goal:

Get more bookings via their website, specifically week days, from people who will be return customers.

Our strategies:

Website traffic


Website conversions

Our Solution:

Cottage Grove Inn hired Yak Social to create Facebook advertising campaigns to drive new traffic to their website and achieve conversions through new traffic and retargeting.  

All campaigns are optimized for conversions. This ensures Cottage Grove Inn's ads are automatically delivered to the people in its target audience who are most likely to take a desired action of a purchase.  

To reach new customers and some existing fans, Yak Social primarily used carousel and slideshow video ads.Yak Social used Audience Insights to better understand the demographics both organic traffic and traffic from Facebook ads. Cottage Grove does not do any other forms of online advertising.

Yak Social then uses retargeted ads to achieve most conversions. People rarely book accommodations impulsively from passive forms of advertising. Consequently, the retargeted ads are paramount to achieving conversions. Different retargeted ads are delivered to different audiences of people predicated on web pages that were visited on Cottage Grove's website. For example; Cottage Grove Inn has a "Specials" tab on their website. Anyone who was tracked by Facebook's pixel that is determined to have visited the Specials tab, will then be targeted for any current specials that are running. Yak Social also utilized some of Cottage Grove Inn's most engaged fans to display specials to which also achieved conversions.

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