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Cox Veterinary Lab

Campaign Objectives

Increase page likes

Build brand awareness

Grow engagement rate and organic reach

Their story:

Since 1983, Cox Veterinary has worked hard to provide animal owners, with proven and time-tested products and services.  They consider it a privilege to be in a position to consistently develop new products to meet the needs of animal owners.

Their labors have produced many new and exciting products that are much needed in the equine industry.  Some of their products set the pace for the entire industry!  Working with their staff nutritionist and other special consultants, they are constantly looking for new ways to adapt the latest nutritional and physiological research from around the world.  The end results of their product development team's efforts are new and updated products that are second to none in both quality and performance.

Their goal:

Increase reach and awareness on Facebook and create engagement with their fans to promote their products.

Our strategies:

Page likes

Page content

Paid reach

Page engagement

Our Solution:

Yak Social has created ad campaigns and promoted posts to drive more traffic and fans to Cox Veterinary's page. Contests have been run to create engagement so that Facebook's algorithm will favor Cox Veterinary's content in the news feeds of their fans.

Cox Veterinary has seen a steady growth of fans since working with Yak Social but more importantly they are reaching most of their fans with their content. We have all seen the headlines that claim that Facebook limits the amount of fans a page can reach. Facebook is not limiting pages, but giving preferences to the content that they believe users want to see the most which means, each profile, page and group will have a different reach which is predicated on many factors; one being engagement. The Facebook algorithm determines what content to display in your news feed and factors in many variables but we see that engagement has a large impact on reach.

Cox has been able to engage their fan base and at times has reached many more users than their page has fans. Cox Veterinary has even reached as many as 2-3 times as many people as their page has fans in recent months. A lot of their posts typically reach 10-40% of their fans. A far cry from reports of pages reaching just 3-5% of their fans which we see some click-bait headlines claim. This has been accomplished by getting the right people to Cox Veterinary's page and by creating the right content that people will actually engage with which makes Cox Veterinary more relevant to their fans and keeps them higher in peoples news feed.

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