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Rocky Mountain Ranch Co.

Campaign Objectives

Build website traffic

Increase opt ins for website

Enhance local presence

More leads via social media

Their story:

Rocky Mountain Ranch Co. is a growing real estate company serving Jackson Hole and all of NW Wyoming. They cater to anyone from local buyers/sellers to serving high end buyers of luxury second homes.

Their goal:

Utilize Yak Social to leverage Facebook as a key digital marketing tool in order to obtain their desired objective.

Our strategies:

Website traffic


Lead Capture

Our Solution:

The approach Yak Social took with RMRC was multi-faceted. Their objectives were identified over a three month period where multiple strategies were successfully implemented one at a time. We would try one thing, and say "okay what's next?"

The initial goal was to build traffic to their new website, which has many tools integrated including an IDX for the Wyoming MLS. This gives website visitors an opportunity to get information about homes for sale in their desired location. Moreover, the website has an advanced lead capture system that then feeds into a CRM system where RMRC can follow up with their website leads ongoing. The first campaign Yak Social created targeted Facebook users based on three major factors, interests in the area RMRC services, interests in activities that are common for the area, and net worth/income. This strategy increased website traffic and lead form opt-ins substantially, but also created another objective: how can we convert people who bounced from the website without opting in?

Yak Social took a two pronged approach to converting RMRC lost web traffic. First, we needed to identify the users who did opt-in and systematically exclude them from our audience. To do this, we uploaded a list of people who filled out their form and identified them by the connection between their contact info and their Facebook profiles. Second, we utilized Facebook pixel to track website visitors. Since purchasing a vacation home/relocating to another area is a long buying process, we created an audience of Facebook users who had visited RMRC's website in the past 365 days and narrowed it to the top 25% of web traffic by time spent on the website. What we came away with was an audience of about 11,000 users, and since the audience was a sizable amount, there was an opportunity to split test people within that audience by different targeting criteria. Three ads were created to retarget three sub audiences of website visitors that did not opt-in initially:

-Interests in the area (towns, parks, resorts)

-Interests in activities common for the area (skiing, mountain biking, hiking, outdoors, fishing, etc)

-Income/Net Worth

The retargeted ads were on-brand so as to catch the attention of people who had already had exposure to the brand's assets. Each ad had unique copy to better identify with the target. Since this retargeting campaign was optimized for lead capture with a lead form built directly into the ad, we now had an opportunity to capture highly engaged users directly within Facebook. This resulted in capturing several leads a week who were otherwise lost.

Additionally, Yak Social created a campaign for local homeowners who may be interested in selling. This campaign utilized a website traffic optimization to send users to a home-valuation landing page.

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